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Renoise Effects Stepper

Wednesday September 20th 2023

Is there a way of replicating the behaviour of the Modulation section’s Stepper device within the Effects section of Renoise? Let’s try and figure it out.

AI Music & The Importance Of Showing Your Work

Friday September 8th 2023

LOCK UP YOUR MUSIC THE AI IS COMING! Which allows me the opportunity to ramble on about stuff that’s been on my mind for quite some time.

VU Meter Clipping

Thursday August 31st 2023

Not an official Renoise video, but it does show something relevant: audio clipping only actually occurs in the Master track, not in other tracks or Sampler FX Chains.

Mastering Devices

Tuesday August 22nd 2023

When creating music in Renoise, all of the separate instruments and tracks come together in one place: the Master track. Renoise has three devices designed for the precise shaping of the final audio.

Using Oceanswift MIDI Control With Renoise

Thursday June 29th 2023

How to get Oceanswift MIDI Control running with Renoise, plus a few things to look out for.

LoopeBe1 (Win):

Drawtomator 1.3

Sunday June 11th 2023

This update adds two major new features: Dual Drawing Mode and Insert MIDI Device. This enables the creation of two drawings at once with a gamepad’s analog sticks.

Bits n Pieces

Wednesday May 10th 2023

Collecting together some recent updates, interesting observations, future plans etc. that were too small to put into their own individual videos.

Smarter Humanize & Randomize

Saturday April 29th 2023

The current version of the Humanize and Randomize features are pretty ‘dumb’ when applied to effect command values and it would be better if they took a few things into account when making changes.

Zero Point Stereo

Saturday April 22nd 2023

This tool places and moves markers to the best zero point on a waveform. It’s mainly used for separating songs on the waveform of a full album/EP and also includes an option to pinpoint CD index frames.

Renoise Gamepad Support

Tuesday April 11th 2023

Advocating for native gamepad support in Renoise. Existing external methods have large drawbacks, while the ability to run Renoise on Raspberry Pi and Steam Deck makes the native solution highly desirable.

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