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Effect Commands Part 9

Wednesday May 25th 2016

In this final part of the series, we take a look at the specifics of using the effect commands for Devices and MIDI.

Azure Razor

Wednesday May 18th 2016

A few years ago I had an idea to create songs in Renoise using only instruments constructed by myself. That way I would be free to release the original song files for others to download and mess around with. So I started doing that and the results were… pretty good, which was not good enough.

Then I became aware of what was coming for Renoise 3: a completely revamped and more powerful instrument system, especially for samples. This was further improved in version 3.1.

Now I’m creating a series of short audio-visual experiments to get up to speed before any ‘proper’ releases. The main goals are to construct a large collection of quality instruments and further hone the skills for animated visuals.

Effect Commands Part 8

Monday May 9th 2016

The six Global commands impact the playback of the entire song: Tempo, Lines Per Beat, Ticks Per Line, Toogle Groove, Break Pattern and Delay Pattern.

Effect Commands Part 7

Monday May 2nd 2016

Explanations and demonstrations of the three Panning and three ‘Other’ commands: Autopan, Track Panning & Width, Stop FX/Notes, Trigger Phrase and Track Routing.

Riftris v1.2

Friday April 29th 2016

So here’s Riftris version 1.2, which I wasn’t even going to do, but Unreal Engine 4.11 was a huge update, including support for Oculus Runtime 1.3. I’ve also added a Next Block indicator and the ability to control the randomness of picking new block types.

– Project Files (27MB)
– Win64 Game .exe (117MB)

Effect Commands Part 6

Tuesday April 19th 2016

The sixth part of the Effect Commands video series, Playback, has been added to the playlist, with explanations and demonstrations of the six playback commands: Trigger Slice, Play Backwards, Envelope Offset, Delay, Retrigger and Maybe.

Effect Commands Part 5

Wednesday March 30th 2016

Here’s Part 5 of the Effect Commands series, Volume, with explanations and demonstrations of the six volume commands: Fade In & Out, Tremolo, Cut, Channel Volume and Track Volume.

Halo Maps Website

Wednesday March 23rd 2016

I’ve constructed another website using the Bootstrap framework, this time for two Halo: Custom Edition multiplayer maps I created ages ago.

Halo Maps Website

Effect Commands – Parts 3 & 4

Monday March 21st 2016

The next two parts of the Effect Commands series are now available. Part 3 deals with some essential information before demonstrating the rest of the Effect Commands, the first of which is Part 4, the five pitch commands: Arpeggio, Slide Up & Down, Glide and Vibrato.

Riftris v1.1

Friday March 18th 2016

OK, here’s the first update, with a couple of bug fixes and a bunch of changes that came about from rescaling everything. I also cleared the garbage from the Project Files, making them much smaller.

– Project Files (27MB)
– Win64 Game .exe (117MB)