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Note-Off & NNA

Wednesday April 26th 2017

During a song’s playback, triggered notes can be cut short by the Note-Off command. For samples this can trigger any or all of these three things: End Loop, Note-Off Layer and Modulation Release.

Riftris v1.3

Tuesday April 25th 2017

I’ve got a Vive now, so I thought I’d update this project to support both it and the motion controllers. In addition, you can now rotate the sun and fly around in any direction.

– Project Files (27MB)
– Win64 Game .exe (117MB)

Learning & Attitude

Monday March 13th 2017

Talking about The Witness with other people has been tricky, since it’s hard to explain what’s great about it without spoiling… what’s great about it. I finally collected all of my spoiler-free thoughts and talking points to produce this video.

Effect Aliasing

Monday January 23rd 2017

It’s normally impossible to change a plugin effect’s preset/program or send it note data. Through the use of effect aliasing though, these things are possible.

Render To Samples

Friday January 6th 2017

The Plugin Grabber allows you to create sample-based instruments from any plugin. The plugin is rendered and the resulting samples are automatically used to build a Renoise instrument according to your settings.


Tuesday January 3rd 2017

A brand new set of 9 photos of Islay have been added to the Photography section of the site.

Laphroaig Cellar

Using Plugins

Friday November 25th 2016

We take a look at using external, third-party plugins, which come in the file-types of VST, Audio Units, LADSPA and DSSI.

Track Types

Wednesday August 10th 2016

Looking at the Standard, Group, Send & Master track types, followed by the various options for organising them.

The Ochre Media

Tuesday June 28th 2016

So here’s my second audio-visual experiment, using a bunch of Red Giant plugins for After Effects. The Renoise song file contains a few newly crafted instruments.

Widescreen Reference Cards

Tuesday June 21st 2016

I created a 4K 16:9 widescreen version of the Effect Commands cheat sheet. As usual, there’s two types available; one for screen and one for print.

Effect Commands Reference