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Bits n Pieces

Wednesday May 10th 2023

Collecting together some recent updates, interesting observations, future plans etc. that were too small to put into their own individual videos.

Smarter Humanize & Randomize

Saturday April 29th 2023

The current version of the Humanize and Randomize features are pretty ‘dumb’ when applied to effect command values and it would be better if they took a few things into account when making changes.

Zero Point Stereo

Saturday April 22nd 2023

This tool places and moves markers to the best zero point on a waveform. It’s mainly used for separating songs on the waveform of a full album/EP and also includes an option to pinpoint CD index frames.

Renoise Gamepad Support

Tuesday April 11th 2023

Advocating for native gamepad support in Renoise. Existing external methods have large drawbacks, while the ability to run Renoise on Raspberry Pi and Steam Deck makes the native solution highly desirable.

Shape Devices

Friday March 31st 2023

As the name suggests, these effects modify the shape of the waveform passing through them. The Distortion and Cabinet Simulator devices focus on making changes to the signal vertically, while the LofiMat applies restrictions to both the vertical and horizontal planes. All three feature separate Dry and Wet Mix sliders for complete control over the volume of the original and altered audio.

Feedback Device – Idea For A New Renoise Effect

Saturday March 25th 2023

An idea for a feedback effect in Renoise & Redux that’s similar to what’s possible in electric guitar effects chains, taking inspiration from existing devices like the Delay, Send & Repeater.

Analog & Digital Filters

Thursday March 23rd 2023

Audio filters manipulate the frequency spectrum, sometimes for functional, mixing purposes and sometimes for purely artistic reasons. We’ve previously looked at the EQ devices which tend to use filtering for the former, and the Comb Filter which concentrates on the latter. Now let’s take a look at the Analog and Digital Filters, which can do a bit of both.

Waveform Smooth & Draw

Friday March 17th 2023

There’s a couple of easily overlooked tools in the Renoise Waveform section that can help with editing out certain issues that can crop up in recorded narration.


Saturday March 11th 2023

Quantization shifts the placement of notes so that they snap to a certain timing. Renoise & Redux have a few methods of doing this for existing notes or while recording new notes. There’s also an additional feature you can use when recording new samples.

Renoise & Unreal

Wednesday March 1st 2023

I created a tool to export Renoise song data into Unreal Engine 4 and also documented a couple of other ways of connecting them along the way. This video collects together several videos created during this process that mostly went unseen.