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Wednesday January 29th 2020

The Stepper device is found within the Modulation section of the Sampler and at first glance performs a pretty simple function: every time a note is played, the cursor moves forward in the envelope, changing the output value. However, there’s actually a lot more control available to you than it initially appears.

Delay & Multitap Delay

Saturday January 18th 2020

The Delay device is a classic audio effect that creates patterns of spatial echoes from its input, which can be used both creatively and for more practical mixing purposes. The Multitap Delay is a more complex version of this, with additional filtering and routing options.


Wednesday October 2nd 2019

The old AHDSR video has been remade and improved for the recent Renoise update. Found within the sample modulation section of the instrument editor, the AHDSR device crafts an envelope by using its five properties to generate a shape composed of five phases.

Renoise 3.2

Tuesday August 27th 2019

Renoise 3.2 has been released, with a whole host of improvements, fixes and new features. This video gives some demonstrations and explanations of the most important ones.

Ringmod & Comb Filter

Wednesday July 31st 2019

Although the way they work and how they sound is quite different from each other, the Ringmod & Comb Filter effects do share one large similarity in how the Note & Transpose parameters allow the user to ‘tune’ them to precise note values.

Instrument MIDI Control

Thursday July 11th 2019

If you don’t have an external MIDI controller or would just like a software alternative to one, then the Instrument MIDI Control device can be used to send MIDI messages directly to the Plugin and MIDI components of a Renoise instrument. As an effect device it also has the advantage of being easy to control and automate.

Song Options

Tuesday June 25th 2019

Opened by choosing it from the Song menu, the Song Options panel allows users to configure a variety of more advanced options for an individual song, such as compatibility settings or general playback behaviour.

Chorus, Flanger & Phaser

Friday June 7th 2019

The Chorus, Flanger and Phaser effects have a lot of similarities, both in their parameters and in how modulation is used to alter the input audio. With the Reset button they also share one powerful method of controlling the modulation.

Using Macros

Thursday May 30th 2019

Macros allow for powerful handling and automation of an instrument’s Modulation and Effects parameters. In Renoise this is controlled with the Instrument Macros track effect, while Redux uses the options available within its host.

Tower Critical

Friday May 3rd 2019

In this fourth audio-visual experiment, the music’s song data was exported from Renoise and used in Unreal Engine 4 to drive various aspects of the visuals. As usual, the Renoise song file is available for download.