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Effect Commands Reference

Tuesday February 2nd 2016

I updated the Effect Commands cheat sheet for Renoise 3.1 and Redux. There’s two versions; one for screen and one for print.

Effect Commands Reference

Introduction To Instruments

Wednesday January 27th 2016

The “An Introduction To Instruments” video, which gives a short overview of how instruments function, has been completely remade and updated to include Redux and Renoise 3.1.


Friday January 22nd 2016

I’ve been learning Unreal Engine 4 and to get started I decided to recreate Tetris in the Blueprints system. The game went through several revisions as I kept learning more over time, eventually settling on this version.

If a VR headset is connected, the game’s executable will detect it and automatically use it as the display.

The UE4 project files are available for download, so feel free to grab them and have a look, see how it all works… change things and maybe improve upon them. I also made a ‘quick’ 22 minute video guide. Hopefully people like myself who are starting out will find something useful here.

Aria Rostami Interview

Thursday October 8th 2015

Aria Rostami has just released his latest album, Sibbe, through Audiobulb Records. I recently interviewed him for the Renoise blog, having a lengthy chat about his background, influences and, of course, how he uses Renoise.

Aria Rostami Interview

IARAP Interview

Thursday September 24th 2015

I recently conducted an interview with Canadian artist, I Am Robot And Proud, for the Renoise blog. While it discusses their latest album, the interview also covers topics such as distribution, live performance and how Renoise is used a variety of creative ways with OSC-controlled visuals, MIDI-activated LEDS and a custom iPad controller.



Tuesday June 16th 2015

In the Renoise Pattern Editor and the Phrase Editor of both Renoise and Redux, many values use the hexadecimal system. If you’re unfamiliar with this concept, it can be confusing to see letters amongst the numbers. This video will give you an understanding of exactly what’s going on.


Friday May 8th 2015

Songs are constructed by playing a sequence of patterns. In this video, we finish up the song by using the Pattern Sequencer to create a simple song structure. The song created in the previous video is available to download as a base to use for this tutorial.

Last Path To Immortality

Monday April 6th 2015

Past collaborator Beatslaughter has released a video containing a lot of my photography to accompany his latest piece of music. The video was debuted at the Revision 2015 demoparty.


Thursday April 2nd 2015

Automation allows us to change the parameters of an effect over time as the song is playing. Renoise offers two methods of doing this. The song created in the previous video is available to download as a base to use for this tutorial.


Friday January 30th 2015

A brand new set of 9 photos showing fog wreathing Craigellachie and the Strathspey valley have been added to the Photography section of the site.


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