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Abandoned Farm

Tuesday December 2nd 2014

A brand new set of 11 photos have been added to the Photography section of the site, accompanied by a binaural soundtrack.

Building A Beat

Wednesday November 26th 2014

Continuing from the ‘Getting Started’ video, you are shown how to load samples with the Disk Browser and create a simple beat in the Pattern Editor.


Tuesday November 4th 2014

The results of compression are not as musically obvious as something like reverb or distortion. This video explains and shows how it works with easy to understand examples. You can also download this episode’s narration (itself an example of compression in an effect chain) as a Renoise song.

Getting Started

Wednesday October 22nd 2014

An introduction to the basics of Renoise, demonstrated by example songs. I’ve kept it concise so as not to overload people who’ve never experienced a tracker before.

Introduction To Instruments

Thursday September 11th 2014

A short overview of Renoise instruments and how they relate to samples, plugin and MIDI sounds. This is the first in a new series of official tutorial videos, where the idea is to create them in a shorter modular format so that they’re easier to keep updated as new versions of Renoise are released. However, until Redux and Renoise 3.1 are released, the focus of the videos will be on simpler topics that are unlikely to become outdated quickly.

Binaural Audio

Tuesday August 5th 2014

Learn about recording and implementing binaural audio, as well as its potential future. This episode’s download of sounds, music & narration includes 45 new samples.

Animated Artwork Video

Wednesday July 9th 2014

I’ve turned the slideshow from the Resume page into an animated video detailing the various creative stages of the Salvage Works artwork.

Advanced Reverb

Tuesday July 8th 2014

This video showcases some of the fundamental methods of combining Renoise effects, devices and tracks to create a variety of interesting and powerful reverbs. As usual, there is a download available containing the video’s sounds, music and narration.

Recording New Sounds

Friday June 20th 2014

In a world where it turns out I can do a reasonable movie trailer style voice-over, comes a new video. Record samples from unconventional sound sources and use them in your music to make it sound distinct.

The download for this episode features 200 such samples, plus a demo song and all of the narration, including my ridiculous voice-over.

Loop-point Automation

Saturday June 7th 2014

Ever since the days of Protracker on the Amiga we’ve seen the power of changing the size and position of a sample loop. Now with Renoise 3, the opportunity is finally here to implement the ability to automate loop-points.

The video plays some demonstrations and then shows an idea of how this could work, while filling you in on the technical details and musical benefits.

There is also a download available, which contains all of the sounds, music and narration from the video.

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