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Site Additions

Thursday March 13th 2014

A new page has been added to the site: a resume of my experience in various areas of computing to be used for attracting work. It also features a slideshow detailing the various creative stages of the Salvage Works artwork, accompanied by new music, which can also be downloaded via the Other Tracks page.

In addition, the artwork slideshows in the various music pages have be upgraded and download links for the images added at the side.

Odds n Ends

Tuesday December 17th 2013

A collection of eleven pictures has been added to the Photography section of the site. They were taken at various points over the years, yet did not find a home in any of the other albums.

Abergavenny Castle

Wednesday November 6th 2013

A brand new slideshow of seven pictures has been added to the Photography section of the site.

New Salvage Works Art

Monday September 2nd 2013

Artwork has been created for each individual track on the Salvage Works EP and can be seen in the slideshow on its page.

Glen Einich

Tuesday June 11th 2013

A brand new slideshow of six pictures has been added to the Photography section of the site.

Salvage Works

Saturday December 1st 2012

The new six track split EP with Beatslaughter, Salvage Works, has been released for free download and streaming.

New Beatslaughter EP

Tuesday September 18th 2012

Fellow Renoise user and musical collaborator, Beatslaughter has just had his new Serenity EP released on net-label Phonocake. It features abstract but compelling melodies, intelligent beats and is backed by a wealth of ambient sounds.


Monday August 20th 2012

A brand new set of 12 photos, which were taken earlier this year, have been added to the Photography section of the site.

New Site Is Up

Tuesday August 14th 2012

The latest version of the website in now online, featuring a completely new design. A lot of time was spent streamlining things so that it will be even easier to add new content in future.

All music related content has been moved over from Earthen Records, which is now offline as it’s redundant. Sales are now handled by the excellent Bandcamp, and the prices for both digital downloads and CDs have been reduced. The material is still available on iTunes and Amazon, though.

More Wildlife Park Pics

Thursday May 31st 2012

After another trip to the Highland Wildlife Park, 5 new photos have been added to the previous slideshow.

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