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Technical Writing

In 2009 I joined Renoise and took responsibility for the ongoing maintenance of the interactive online user manual, a critical role since the software can often seem technical and complex. Since then I've single-handedly written and structured the manual, making it clear, concise and comprehensive, with extensive linking between topics so users can easily find the information they require. To aid the learning process I complement the writing with plenty of images, info-graphics and animations.

I've also collaborated on offline documentation, then reviewed and finalised the quality and style of its writing before publication.

Renoise Online User Manual

Video Production

While it's necessary for the tone of the manual to be formal and to-the-point, writing for video content provides me the opportunity to craft material with a more natural and creative feel. Over the years I've produced more than 10 hours of educational tutorial videos. This involves writing the scripts then recording the narration in Renoise, which is also used to create supplemental audio and music. Camtasia Studio is used to record and edit the raw screen-captures, then combine that footage with extra images, video and audio.

The Renoise tutorial videos have been viewed over 750,000 times on Youtube alone.

Audio, Coding & Unreal Engine

One current hobby is teaching myself Unreal Engine, combining the disciplines of coding, graphics, audio and interactive 3D visuals in virtual reality. This initially took the form of a 3D Tetris game, and to help others learn about the process, hopefully inspiring them in their own work, I meticulously organised and annotated the project files, then made them available for download alongside a series of tutorial videos.

Now I'm coding tools in Lua that allow song data and controller output from Renoise to control visuals created in Unreal Engine. The first tool exports the data from an entire song, while the second tool, currently in development, uses OSC to transmit data in real-time between the two programs.

Graphic Design Slideshow

Graphic Design

I have been using graphic design programs for over twenty years, which has given me a broad range of experience creating visuals for digital artwork, website UI & content, printed CD packaging, video titles and info-graphics. I also frequently engage in digital photography, which often provides a source of textures for use in my work.

While the application I make the most use of is Adobe Photoshop, I can also work within Gimp, Illustrator, After Effects and Visio.

Web Development & Other Skills

Hosting through VPS with Plesk, WHM and CPanel, I have been designing and developing for the web since 2003. This site is built on a heavily customised version of Wordpress, featuring brand new layouts, navigation and style-sheets, all hand-coded in HTML and CSS. It is regularly remade from scratch every year or two, improving the design while keeping pace with technology and browsing habits.

Over the years I've learned other applications and languages, such as C++, XML, JavaScript, Lua, JSON, 3DS Max, and have also created geometry, textures, shaders, bump-mapping and cube-maps for game engines.

PC Equipment

Intel i7 4790K
Nvidia GTX 1080 Ti
32GB 1866MHz DDR3 RAM
LG 27GL850 144Hz 1440p Monitor
Creative X-Fi Titanium HD Soundcard
Logitech Z5500 5.1 Surround Sound
Valve Index, HTC Vive, Oculus Rift DK2