Church and Siege are multiplayer maps for Halo: Custom Edition on the PC. Halo CE is a free downloadable expansion for Halo, which allows you to play new user created maps. These maps can also support new weapons and vehicles, amongst other modifications. After downloading a map file you must extract it into the /maps folder, which is located within the directory where you installed Halo CE.
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The action takes place entirely indoors over three levels: the ground floor, a balcony running all the way around the large central room and a basement. There is a flag room for each team, though these are not identical, since the map is not symmetrical.

The map is small enough for 4 players, yet intricate enough to sustain a hectic 16 player game. Church stands out graphically as a result of pushing the Halo engine as far as it can go while still remaining playable. Specifically, it uses over 60 new high resolution textures, as well as incredibly detailed bumpmapping, 16 custom cubemaps and entirely new dynamic light sources.

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Siege is a large map best played between 8-16 players. It takes place almost entirely outdoors and the environment is completely asymmetrical. It features two totally different bases, requiring seperate methods of offense and defense. The bases also have modified defense turrets which can use a more powerful, though time-limited, secondary fire. The map uses 15 new textures, highly detailed bumpmapping, a customised cubemap for reflections and a brand new sky.