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Using Macros

Thursday May 30th 2019

Macros allow for powerful handling and automation of an instrument’s Modulation and Effects parameters. In Renoise this is controlled with the Instrument Macros track effect, while Redux uses the options available within its host.

Tower Critical

Friday May 3rd 2019

In this fourth audio-visual experiment, the music’s song data was exported from Renoise and used in Unreal Engine 4 to drive various aspects of the visuals. As usual, the Renoise song file is available for download.

Instrument Automation

Friday March 8th 2019

The Instrument Automation device works specifically with third-party Plugin instruments, but instead of being interpreted through MIDI, the parameter changes are sent directly to the selected Plugin.

Riftris v1.6

Sunday January 20th 2019

This is the final update before I move on to other projects, which will build upon the non-Tetris parts that were created here. Though not as large as the last update, there’s still been a significant amount of additions and improvements and I’ll go over the most important ones.

– Trello Board
– UE4 Project Files
– Win64 Game .exe


Tuesday November 20th 2018

Tools are scripts that can be plugged into Renoise to add new capabilities and features. The Tools are built upon the Renoise Scripting API and Lua. With a few lines of code, you can build the things that you always wanted Renoise to have.

DC Offset

Tuesday November 13th 2018

DC offset is an unwanted displacement of amplitude from zero which can cause problems such as clicks, distortion and loss of audio volume. Renoise provides a few solutions to deal with this.

Send Tracks & Devices

Monday November 5th 2018

As shown in the Track Types video, a Send device routes a track’s audio to a Send Track. In this video we’ll fully explore the possibilities of this seemingly simple concept.

Effect Presets

Tuesday October 23rd 2018

The preset controls of an effect device can be used to automatically adjust its parameters to some preset values, as well as allowing you to compare, save, import and export those presets.

Kinrara Soundtrack

Thursday October 18th 2018

The Kinrara gallery in the Photography section of the site has had a binaural soundtrack created for it, featuring a distant sawmill and some not-so-distant pheasants.

Glenmore Soundtrack

Wednesday September 26th 2018

The Glenmore & Pityoulish gallery in the Photography section of the site has had a binaural soundtrack created for it.

Glenmore & Pityoulish
Pan & Zoom