Win64 Game .exe

Game .exe

Compiled for Windows 64-bit machines, this is the finished game created from the project files.
Just download and play!

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Project Files

Project Files

The original UE4 files, featuring blueprints, props, materials, audio etc. To use, simply place them in your Unreal Projects folder.

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Video Guide

Video Guide

A quick guide for the project files, which takes you through the game logic created using the Blueprints system.

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Mouse. Keyboard. Gamepad. You choose.

The game has been set up to use multiple input methods simultaneously. This includes full support for the HTC Vive and Oculus Touch controllers when playing in VR.

Game Controls

Samples. Renoise.

The audio samples created for the game are included with the project files. You'll also find the Renoise song (.xrns) used to craft them and the extra sounds from the video.

Samples & Renoise file

X-tris. Build your own.

The project files show how this version of the game was created. Use them to learn how it all works, then change things, improve upon them or create a new version entirely.

UE4 Blueprint