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Riftris v1.5

Wednesday August 29th 2018

This update is titled ‘More Of Everything’ due to both its sheer size – more than twice as much content as all of the others combined – and the fact that it enhances and extends everything: audio, graphics, controls, code, VR and menus.

– Trello Board
– UE4 Project Files
– Win64 Game .exe


Thursday July 19th 2018

Found within the sample modulation section of the instrument editor, the AHDSR device crafts an envelope by using its five properties to generate a shape composed of five phases.

Glen Einich Soundtrack

Monday July 9th 2018

The Glen Einich gallery in the Photography section of the site has had a binaural soundtrack created for it.

Glen Einich
Pan & Zoom

Odds n Ends Soundtrack

Wednesday May 2nd 2018

The Odds n Ends gallery in the Photography section of the site has had a binaural soundtrack created for it.

Odds n Ends
Pan & Zoom

Mono Mode

Monday April 16th 2018

Strictly sequential playing and recording of notes is desirable for instruments that are designed to be used monophonically. The Mono button allows you to toggle between this behaviour and regular polyphony.

Modulation: Free-Running LFO

Saturday March 17th 2018

The modulation section of the sampler works on a per-note basis, essentially resetting the envelope’s trajectory for each note that is played. So how would you go about emulating a free-running LFO?

Riftris v1.4

Tuesday March 6th 2018

I want to use this project as a base for future work, so I’ve decided to add options that are expected from real games. This led to the creation of this update’s main feature: the modular menu system. To help with development I’ve also created a Trello board.

– UE4 Project Files
– Win64 Game .exe

Variable Polyphony

Sunday December 31st 2017

Modulation in a Renoise instrument is applied polyphonically while effects are not, but what exactly does this mean?

Variable Trigger Values: Effects

Wednesday December 13th 2017

With modulation it’s easy to add variety to the samples of an instrument each time they’re triggered. But what if you want to achieve this using effects?

Variable Trigger Values: Modulation

Wednesday November 29th 2017

The instrument modulation introduced in Renoise 3 allows you to alter various aspects of the sound as it’s being produced. This happens polyphonically, so you can use the available devices to generate a different result every time a note is played.