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Reset Control

Wednesday October 27th 2021

In a previous video we looked at the Chorus, Flanger & Phaser devices, which use a free-running modulation to drive their effects. No matter how you change the settings though, the shape of that modulation is always a sine wave. Let’s see if we can do something about that.

Mapping Devices – Hydra, Meta Mixer & Formula

Thursday October 7th 2021

Mapping devices handle parameter modulations across multiple inputs and outputs. The Hydra has a single input which can be altered in different ways for each of its multiple outputs. The Meta Mixer and Formula devices have multiple inputs and combine them in various, potentially complex ways to craft a single output.

LFO – Modulation & Effects

Friday August 27th 2021

A low-frequency oscillator generates a signal that cycles through a relatively slow pattern. Although it’s used in two different ways as Modulation and Effects for Renoise & Redux, the core method of constructing the LFO is identical in both.

Loop Marker Automation

Saturday June 12th 2021

Several years ago I created a video about Loop-point Automation in Renoise. Now that idea has been built is available for download. Loop Marker Automation is a tool that changes how a sample is being looped by controlling the movement of two slice markers. Loop playback responds to both start and end marker movement.


Thursday May 20th 2021

Beatsyncing a sample is a quick and easy method of synchronising the length of its playback to a certain number of lines. Although its simplicity has been retained since the early days of Renoise, it’s affected by a couple of factors introduced in recent versions.

Mute Groups

Friday April 30th 2021

Mute Groups are inspired by a feature from hardware samplers and drum machines, where you may know them as ‘choke groups’. The idea has been adapted to fit within the Renoise workflow and, although it can be used with any type of sampled sound, it’s most commonly applied to percussion.

Drawtomator v1.1

Friday April 2nd 2021

There’s a few useful additions in this update, all focussing on accuracy. The first draws better lines between recorded points. Second, the os.clock is now used to get accurate time values when recording and replaying. The third, Replay Interpolation, makes use of the new os.clock calculations to move the replay to where it would be predicted to appear at that time, anywhere along the drawing.


Sunday March 14th 2021

Wouldn’t it be nice to just draw something and that would drive some musical changes? The Drawtomator allows you to do this by assigning effect parameters to the X and Y axis of your drawing. However, this is more a proof of concept than a reliable automation device.

Sampler – FX Chain Outputs

Friday January 29th 2021

When you create an FX Chain within the Sampler, by default, that instrument will then be restricted to playing on a single track in Renoise, or a single output bus in Redux. However, an FX Chain’s output can be changed to route the audio to a specific track or output bus, and this can be different for each FX Chain.


Monday January 4th 2021

The Sidechain device sends its audio signal to an effect that’s in a different track or sampler fx chain. This allows the receiving effect’s behaviour to be controlled by an audio source other than one that it’s actually processing.