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Based in Aviemore, in the Highlands of Scotland, Achenar was formed in 2003 by sole member, Duncan Hemingway. Not tied down to any particular style, inspiration is taken from a wide variety of influences. Genre restrictions are ignored while utilising whatever various elements are appropriate for the music, which is often a combination of traditional organic instruments with modern electronic sounds.


Music composition first started on the Amiga computer, using the program Protracker. When technology finally caught up to ambition in 2003, allowing for absolutely everything to be handled by a single person, the music inevitably turned more serious and professional. The skills of sound creation and intricate effect use, learnt during the old tracking era, were carried forward and combined with modern audio capabilities.


What it means to release music today is currently in a state of flux and so the possibilities of this have to be fully explored. Imagination and creativity need to be pushed to the forefront of the music itself, while a more open and less restrictive approach to the actual releases seems sensible.